About Cad/Cam

What is CAD/CAM technology and how it is used in a dental lab.

CAD/CAM Technology enables us to produce prosthetics with unmatched precision, allowing to create the perfect tooth to restoration margin (<100μm). CAD/CAM systems allow to work with various materials, like Zirconium dioxide, titanium, other alloys, aluminium oxide or composite materials. Many studies shown high durability and strength of restorations produced with CAD/CAM systems.

Laboratorium _protetyczne _1Application of this revolutionary technology in dental lab is a perfect alternative for less accurate and work consuming traditional techniques. CAD is an acronym from „Computer Aided Design” – and CAM is an acronym from „Computer Aided Manufacturing”.

Profits from using CAD/CAM system.

1. Computer aided miling ensures high precision of restorations,
2. Possibility to perfectly fit the margin <100 μm,
3. Restorations are more durable and have more stable color; restorations can be cemented traditionally or adhesively retained,
4. Computer design allows dental technician to see the restoration from different sides and with various angles.
Cad software lets the technician to manipulate the design, like..: rotating, zooming, chewing surfaces mapping or changing the depth of sulcus. Besides, various parameters are related to each other so after changing one parameter the whole project may be automatically recalculated.