Custom abutments

How to order individual/custom abutments?

What is a custom / individual abutment?

High tech milling machines connected with cutting edge software allow us to produce accurate and repeatable connections for the Neobiotech Implant System. Individual abutments produced in our laboratory ensure the highest functionality and esthetics. We use the 3Shape Dental Designer to design individual abutments based on the final planned crown shape. Next, the designed abutments are cut out with CAD/CAM Cameleon Device.

How to order an individual abutment?

1. Make a model or an impression:




Punktmodel with implant analog (analogiem) and removable gingival mask* with minimum height of 0,5 mm.
Punktcounter-bite model
Punktbite registration
Punktinformation about planned restoration

* The preparation of gingival mask is crucial since these materials have similar sensitivity to pressure as the gingival tissue.

PunktImpression with Transfer (jaw+mandible)

Punktbite registration
Punktinformation about planned restoration

Or simply send us the designed abutment in STL file.

2. Fill in the order form (PDF).

3. Print out the form and send it with the impression/ model.

4. Send the (model/impression + form) to our address:

Profident Labor

ul. Legnicka 2

25-328 Kielce


If you wish to send us the STL FILE  you can email us the scan of filled form. Please remember to give us the sending address.


Notice: If you wish to order more than one abutment, please remember about adequately marking impressions /models.


The price of Custom abutment


PunktThe price of abutment based on model is 100 EUR.

PunktThe price of abutment based on impression is 100 EUR + cost of the model (according to individual pricing). 

PunktThe price of abutment based on STL file is 80 EUR

PunktThe price of additional anodising 15 EUR

Plus additional transport cost.