IS-II Active Implants

Manufacturer NeoBiotech
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Implant Design

The tapered body, powerful apex and reversed tread design of Neobiotech implant allows excellent condition for achieving “self-compaction” in the cancellous bone. The macro thread design in the upper part of the implant also enables a strong and stable initial fixation that facilitates greater primary stability along with Neobiotech’s unique implant concept of “CMI Fixation”.



S.L.A. Surface (Sand-blasted Large grit and Acid etching)

The S.L.A. surface of IS-II active has a combination of macropores and micropores formed by HA(Hydroxy Apatite) sandblasting with a
particle size less than 50μm and acid etching. This is used as a form of coating to increase the biocompatibility of the implants. The more the surface area, the more direct bone-toimplant contact that stimulates osteoblasts and boosts blood flow leading to a faster and
effective osseointegration. As a result, this S.L.A. surface treatment increases secondary stability.


IS-II active vs. Conventional Implant

Achieve CMI Fixation with IS Full Kit perfectly designed for a simple drilling protocol., IS-II active can achieve MI fixation in the cancellous bone through active placement (Self Compaction) with undersized drilling, as well as C-fixation in the cortical bone through passive placement with the profile tap.

ISII-active _2

IS-II active Scientific Papers 

A 6-month clinical result in Immediate Loading of partial denture patient with CMI Implant placement (Seoul National Univ.)
Average marginal bone loss for right after Immediate Loading, 3-months, and 6-months were 0.03mm, 0.16mm and 0.29mm respectively (table II). There were no implant failures for 6-months showing 100% survival rate of Immediate Loading with the CMI implant.

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