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NexTemp™ temporary cement continues to be well received by dental practitioners. It is the only temporary cement in a non-eugenol resin-matrix formulation. NexTemp offers many benefits to the patient:

PunktResin based- will not wash out
PunktHigh compressive strength- 20MPa compared to zinc oxides in the 5-8MPa range
PunktEugenol free- will not inhibit the permanent cement
PunktFluoride release- known to reduce secondary caries
PunktPotassium nitrate- shown to reduce sensitivity and has a sedative effect on the pulp
PunktChlorhexidine- a proven anti-bacterial agent

The two-stage curing process makes removing excess easy and the auto-mix syringe offers easy and convenient dispensing. There is no need to overload the temporary, which wastes material and can cause too much retention. A little bit of NexTemp goes a long way.