Obtura III Max

Manufacturer Obtura Spartan
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Getting a comprehensive fill in primary canals is a good thing.  But when you take that final x-ray and you see gutta percha has also flowed into lateral and accessory canals, fins, loops and isthmuses, you know you've achieved total obturation excellence.  Those are the results you can expect with the Obtura III Max, the instrument that heats gutta percha to its ideal viscosity for MAXimum obturation success.  Backed by over 25 years of trusted clinical performance, the Obtura III Max is the preferred instrument for all backfill procedures.


PunktEnhanced Thermal Protector

PunktSignificantly reduces heat around patient contact surfaces with a new, sleek design that drives warm air away from the tip of the unit and brings cool air in, making patient safety a top priority.

PunktCartridge Free Operation

PunktAllows users to maximize Obturation without the hassle of filling gutta percha during a procedure.


PunktErgonomically designed handpiece trigger provides superior tactile feel and outstanding control.  Thumb-shaped handpiece grooves were designed for optimal comfort during operation while mimimizing hand fatigue and stress.  With the Obtura III Max you can truly feel the fill!

PunktAdvanced Connectivity

PunktCreates worry-free operation with no downtime for charging. New, user-friend  operation.


 Obtura III Max  - Down-Pack method

Obtura Max _7

 Obtura III Max - Back-Fill method

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