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Manufacturer Obtura Spartan
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Root canal filling system

The Obtura III Max System

Getting a comprehensive fill in primary canals is a good thing.  But when you take that final x-ray and you see gutta percha has also flowed into lateral and accessory canals, fins, loops and isthmuses, you know you've achieved total obturation excellence.  Those are the results you can expect with the Obtura III Max, the instrument that heats gutta percha to its ideal viscosity for MAXimum obturation success.  Backed by over 25 years of trusted clinical performance, the Obtura III Max is the preferred instrument for all backfill procedures.

  • Enhanced thermal protector reduces heat around patient contact surfaces
  • Cartridge-free operation eliminates mid-procedure filling hassles
  • Never any downtime for charging


The Obtura MaxPack

Obtura Spartan Endodontics has been providing clinicians with dependable endodontic equipment and supplies for over 25 years. The Obtura MaxPack is no exception. Our new heat source represents the latest technology for gutta percha compaction during endodontic procedures.

The Obtura MaxPack can be used to: remove excess gutta percha when performing lateral condensation techniques, create an endodontic post space, or compact gutta percha to prepare for warm gutta percha injection techniques.


Features Include:

  • Four temperature pre-sets ranging from 150°C to 230°C
  • Lightweight: weighing only 2.22 ounces
  • Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to 1 week of endodontics cases to enhance performance and minimize downtime for charging
  • Ergonomic: cordless design allows for unlimited mobility
  • Safety: Auto shut-off after 10 minutes of downtime
  • Six slots and hexagonal grip allowing heat pluggers to be inserted in any direction

The S-Kondensers Set

The S-Kondensers, developed by Dr. Sam Kratchman, feature a nickel-titanium end for compaction in curved canals as well as a flat ended stainless steel condenser for compaction in the middle and coronal third of the canal.  The lightweight, aluminum handles fit comfortably in your hand with dimpled finger rests for increased control. Available individually, or in sets of 3, the S-Kondensers are appropriately configured for any canal anatomy.

PunktBlack 40 Ni-Ti/ 80 SS
PunktYellow 50 Ni-Ti/100 SS
PunktBlue 60 Ni-Ti/120 SS