PerioWise Probe

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PerioWise®:  The Friendly Probe - Great for any Practice

PerioWise® periodontal probes are very easy to read and are gentle to the tissue.  They are slightly flexible, with rounded tip, offering greater comfort for your patients and they are safe around implants.  The probes can be autoclaved and used repeatedly. They are clearly visible when using an intra or extra oral camera; so they can assist you in educating the patient about their exam and periodontal care.

Multi-colored PerioWise are great for a quick screening exam or a full examination.  At a glance, you can determine the depth of the pocket quickly and accurately.  The vibrant color lines against the white probe provide excellent contrast.  On the tip is a 3mm green band so you can quickly do a screening exam.  As long as you see green, you are good to move on.  Readings in the probe's red markings indicate the need to do a comprehensive periodontal examination.