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RC-Prep® was recently featured in the Endodontic Practice journal, a peer-reviewed journal in the United Kingdom. This article is in addition to the dozens of prior publications featuring RC-Prep since it was launched over 40 years ago. This product has certainly withstood the test of time!

RC-Prep is routinely used for the chemo-mechanical preparation of root canals. The unique formulation of glycol, urea peroxide and EDTA in a special water-soluble base helps to remove calcification and also lubricates the canal to permit more efficient instrumentation.

RC-Prep can be used with finger or engine-driven instruments and allows reamers and files to move easily without binding. It also is ideal for use with apex locators because it allows for consistent reliable readings.

There are three areas of endodontic therapy that can cause frustration for the clinician, as well as being time consuming; RC-Prep can help to alleviate these challenges:

1. Identification of accessory canals in multi-rooted teeth: When RC-Prep reacts with sodium hypochlorite solution, pulp debris is lifted out of the canal. The pulp chamber is brightened, helping to locate additional canals.

2. Access to lateral canals: With RC-Prep and proper instrumentation, the canal is thoroughly debrided. Dentine tubules and lateral canals are opened and cleaned, essential for successful treatment.

3. File separation: As RC-Prep cleans and lubricates the canals, instruments cut freely without binding.

RC-Prep continues to be a valuable product for endodontic therapy. Over forty years of endodontic success provides confidence with every use.