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Sinus Lateral Approach - lateral window technique is the formation of the access to the maxillary sinus through its lateral wall.

The process using this tool is simpler and much more comfortable than any other techniques. Above all, this surgical kit provides ultimate solutions for the cases of only having with a thin residual bone height which is difficult to approach with a crestal technique, membrane rupture by a sinus crestal approach or placing multiple implants. In addition, SLA reamers can be easily adapted for the case of formation of minimum flap size on the inferior wall.

Due to special LS-Reamer and C-Reamer construction a thin bone disk is created between reamer and sinus membrane. This protects the Schneiderian membrane from rupturing.

Using SLA we can make holes Φ4 ∼ 6 at once.

It's a very simple use for everyone to use.

SLA Kit includes:

Its a kind of drill which drills lateral wall. It makes thin bone disks between reamer and sinus membrane. It is very safe because the tapered trunk of LS-Reamer is designed to control the drilling depth without stopper. The LS-Reamer mounted on a handpiece can be operated with high speed at 2000 - 1000 rpm under the sufficient irrgiation.

C-Reamer i C-Guide
It is a guide drill to make a position to use C-reamer. The hollow spaced and tapered C-reamer can serve the circular bone disk from the lateral wall and to limit any abrupt movement of the reamer to forward direction, respectively. It is designed to provide a safe speedy recovery, fast surgery and quick bone formation in the lateral hole.

Sinus Membrane Elevator
The three elevators provided are designed to obtain a best angle and length for membrane elevation in buccal. These tools are used one after another.

 Using SLA Kit

 If you need wider access you can make additional window (fot. 5).

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