Triple Tray

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Alfa™ Triple Tray® - Revolutionizing full-arch alginate impression making

Wyciski _ATT_11Improves patient comfort
Virtually eliminates gagging – Unique palate-free, patent-pending design engages the patient’s tongue to restrict the overflow of material and eliminate gagging!
Take one impression, not two – You significantly improve the patient’s experience - the mouth is closed in a more natural, comfortable position. Alfa™ Triple Tray® requires about half the amount of alginate used in existing techniques.

Cuts chair time in half
By simultaneously capturing upper and lower impressions plus the bite registration, significant time is saved - at the chair - where it counts most!
Hands Free – Alfa’s closed-mouth technique frees the operator from holding the tray in place. While the material sets, the mixing area and utensils can be cleaned.

Promotes asepsis
Alfa Triple Tray offers a better presentation than unsightly reusable metal trays and avoids potential cross-contamination. Alfa trays are disposable - no clean-up required.

Easy to use - with excellent results
Alfa Triple Tray is ideal for full-mouth alginate impressions taken for the fabrication of custom trays, whitening trays, study models, night guards, athletic guards and as a matrix for temporaries. Also, Alfa can be used with alginate substitute vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) material.