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Implant _workshopImplantology Hands-On – new trends in implantology, loading protocols in implant treatment. Course will be conducted by Dr Michał Jóźwiak and Dr Jerzy Zbożeń

1.Implant loading time axis – conventional, early and immediate loading protocols.
2. Critical approach to Branemark protocol:
a. Broken bone healing time.
b. Implant healing phases.
c. Dr Misch’s research, micromovement discovered on macaque monkeys.
d. Primary, secondary and total stability of implants.
e. Bone type classification according to Dr Misch.
f. Progressive loading.
g. Identical healing effects with closed implant healing and with the use of healing screw.
h. The adapted window zone, overloading and bone fracture.
3. Research results for early, immediate and post-extraction loading.
4. Implant prosthetics in early and immediate loading protocols, types of temporary solutions. Is a temporary solution necessarily a bad thing? The Eiffel tower still stands!
5. The risks of immediate loading. Some remarks on bundle bone and a thin-phenotype warning.
6. Biomimetics:
a. Another look on adapted window zone, overloading and bone fracture.
b. Masticatory forces and activities, parafunctions.
c. Why are broken implants, fractured and loosened screws more common than damaged crowns? Composite as a long term provisional restoration.
d. Current research on composite crowns.
e. Why not make a fuse? Ceramics reinforced with metal or leucite, zirconia and alumina. Why should it be as solid as the Abrams tank? Let the last distal composite crown break, before it causes greater damage.
7. Neobiotech – system characteristics and Hands-on workshop. Primary, secondary and total stability curves.
a. Underdrilling.
b. Dr Heo’s anytime loading protocol.
c. SCA kit, Bicortical fixation.

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